Standard wood finishes are no additional charge. Finish swatches marked with an asterisk (*) are upgrade wood finishes  made from exotic woods that vary in cost practically daily. Please contact your dealer, who will work with Vandersteen Audio to determine up-to-the-minute market pricing on your desired wood finish and provide an accurate quote.

Vandersteen Audio has done its best to photograph these wood finishes on each product page, but please know that while the woods we receive from our vendors are unfailingly high in quality, no two pieces of wood are ever exactly alike. This is dictated by nature. We promise that your speakers will look gorgeous, but not that they will precisely match the photos you see on our website or on our dealers’ in-store demo speakers.

Model 5A Carbon and Model Seven speakers are offered in gorgeous “cut and buff,” high-gloss automotive paint finishes. The automotive paints shown on those product pages are some of the most commonly ordered colors, but Vandersteen Audio can obtain virtually any automotive paint finish available, the customer only needs to supply the make, model and year of the automobile.

Please look at the Model Seven product page and compare the Tungsten Silver swatch to the product photos in the gallery to begin to understand the profound difference between a paint swatch viewed on your computer and a finished speaker; the Model Seven photographed on that page is Tungsten Silver.

In addition to browsing the High-Res Images product galleries on this website and visiting your Vandersteen dealer, look at fine automobiles in a shaded or slightly darkened environment to gauge what a particular paint color might look like applied to one of our speakers. Viewing automobiles in bright daylight is not the best indicator.