Vandersteen continues to service all products built since 1980.  This only excludes the Model 2A and Model 2B.  All Vandersteen products are designed modularly for ease of service. If you purchased your product new from an authorized dealer, please get in touch with that dealer for service.  We choose our dealers for their high level of customer support.

For Vandersteen's Service Department, dial 559-582-0324 and press 3. Please leave a short message with your question or need as this extension is not manned. Your call will be returned ASAP with your questions answered or a requested quote. TO MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY AND KEEP SERVICE COSTS AS LOW AS POSSIBLE, ALL SERVICE-RELATED QUESTIONS OR NEEDS CAN ONLY BE HANDLED BY THIS EXTENSION. International customers can contact us via email at NOTE: VANDERSTEEN AUDIO DOES NOT SELL REPLACEMENT DRIVERS, BUT WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO REBUILD MOST DRIVERS.  

Click HERE to see our How-To Videos for step-by-step instructions on performing common repairs on Model 1, 2, and 3 series speakers, including replacing drivers and grill cloths.

In the unlikely event that one of your Vandersteen loudspeakers should ever require servicing, please follow these procedures:

Download the Vandersteen Return Merchandise Authorization Form.
Print the form with the Adobe Acrobat Reader PRINT command
Follow the instructions regarding troubleshooting by clicking here and isolating the problem.
Once the problem is isolated, follow the instructions regarding sending in the speaker or driver for repair.

If you return a complete speaker, it must be packed right-side-up in the original packing. The end trays must be placed according to the instructions in the product manual.  Damage to an improperly packed speaker will not be covered. If you do not have the original packing, please contact Vandersteen Audio about replacement packing.

Vandersteen RMA Form
Vandersteen Repair Instructions Form