System NINE Bedrock

Granite Base for Model Seven Speakers

The Vandersteen System NINE Bedrock Granite Base is a special constrained layer base specifically designed for the Model Seven speakers.

Starting at $10,600 / Pair

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Available Finishes

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Vandersteen Audio has done its best to photograph these wood finishes on each product page, but please know that while the woods we receive from our vendors are unfailingly high in quality, no two pieces of wood are ever exactly alike. This is dictated by nature. We promise that your speakers will look gorgeous, but not that they will precisely match the photos you see on our website or on our dealers’ in-store demo speakers.

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The Vandersteen System NINE Bedrock Granite Base is specifically designed to retrofit onto all Model Seven floor standing speakers.  This special base is fabricated from different types of materials used together to dampen vibrations and to add mass to the Seven Cabinet.  The base yields a new level of sonic presence, sound field expansion and bass clarity never before heard.  Vandersteen recommends this as your first step towards the full System NINE.  The Bedrock Base has proven so important, it is included and vital to the performance of the Model Seven XTRM.

System NINE Bedrock Specifications

Dimensions (WHD)

This product is packaged in pairs. The crate itself measures 26 x 20 x 12” but then it is strapped down to a pallet that measures 24 x 32 x 5” which means the pallet dimensions will be 24 x 32 x 17” with the crate strapped on top. 


200 lbs. per pair net / 225 lbs. per pair shipping weight per pair.

Country of Manufacture

Made in the USA

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