Vandersteen's Liquid-Cooled M7-HPA and Model Seven Update at RMAF 2014

Please Join Audio Alternative Fort Collins and Vandersteen Audio at RMAF 2014, Suite 9030
The system Audio Alternative has assembled for RMAF 2014 is the ultimate expression of resolution, musicality and Dimensional Purity.In addition to the RMAF debut of Vandersteen Audio’s liquid-cooled M7-HPA (High-Pass Amplifier) monoblock power amplifier, the system will also feature an experimental update to the Model Seven loudspeaker. The M7-HPA is designed and built from the ground up to maximize the performance potential of Vandersteen’s powered-bass speakers, and together with the Model Seven represents a radical, ground-up rethinking of what a power amplifier and speaker system can be. (And should be!)

Enthusiasts can also join Richard Vandersteen for fun and informative in-room seminars that explore the ins and outs of his radical new amplifier design and this latest update to the company flagship.

The system will also boast the North American debut of Brinkmann's new turntable, the Spyder, which is a daring and versatile design that can accommodate up to four (!) 9" - 12" tonearms. The system will round out with Audio Research REFERENCE electronics, isolation by HRS and cabling by AudioQuest.

Richard Vandersteen's In-Room Seminar Schedule:
Saturday: 1:30pm-2:15, 3:30pm-4:15pm
Sunday 11:15am-12pm, 2:15-3pm

Suite 9030 State-of-the-Art Playback System:
Vandersteen Model Seven (Experimental Update)  Speakers
Vandersteen M7-HPA Liquid-Cooled Monoblock Amps
Brinkmann Spyder two-arm turntable, with LYRA Atlas Stereo and Kleos Mono Cartridges
Audio Research REF 5SE Preamp and REF Phono 2 Phono Stage
Isolation by Harmonic Resolution Systems
All Cabling by AudioQuest

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