Vandersteen Shows at Axpona 2023

Ultra Fidelis Hosts Two Vandersteen Speakers Live in room 1234 - the Vandersteen KĒNTO Carbon and the VLRCT.  

The KĒNTO Carbon loudspeaker and M5-HPA High Pass Amplifier represents our most popular fully-powered loudspeaker solution.  The amps even come with the interface cable, so all you need to do is connect your balanced cables from your preamp to the Vandersteen M5-HPA," said Brad O'Toole - Global Sales Vandersteen.


"The Vandersteen VLR CT is a true bookshelf loudspeaker," said Richard Vandersteen.  "It is meant to be inches from a wall and can be placed at any convenient height.  Just don't point them directly at you, and you will have great sound from our least expensive product with, the Carbon Tweeter."

Equipment Presented

System A:

  • AMG Viella Forte Turntable w/12JT Arm

  • Lyra Atlas Lambda Phono Cartridge

  • Audio Research Reference Phono 3SE Phono Stage

  • Aurender N30SA

  • Audio Research DAC9

  • Audio Research REF6SE Preamp

  • Vandersteen M5HPA Monoblock Amplifiers

  • Vandersteen Kento Carbon Speakers

  • AudioQuest Cabling

  • AudioQuest Niagara 7000 for Head End

  • AudioQuest Niagara 5000 for Amps/Subs

  • HRS Isolation

System B:

  • Click the photo for the video.

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