Vandersteen Audio Relaunches the Model 5A Carbon w/ Analog and MQA at CES 2016!

Meridian MQA-Enabled DAC will also be featured with Vandersteen's liquid-cooled M7-HPA amplifiers, Balance turntable and electronics from Brinkmann Audio, AudioQuests's Niagara 7000 Power and More. 

Join Us in Suite 29-201!

Vandersteen Audio will showcase the newly revitalized Model 5A Carbon at CES 2016, finished in stunning Grigio Metallic Alloy automotive paint. Always a tremendous performer, the Model 5A Carbon now ships standard with automotive paint finish, allowing it to visually blend into any domestic environment with grace. The 5A Carbon will be powered by Vandersteen's radical new M7-HPA amplifier.

Sources for this system include ultra-high resolution analog from Brinkmann's flagship Balance turntable and a new and very welcome addition- an MQA-enabled Meridian 818V3 DAC. It's been some years since Vandersteen has demonstrated digital audio, and yes this means we think MQA is something special!

Suite 29-201 System:

  • Vandersteen Audio Model 5A Carbon Loudspeakers & M7-HPA Amplifiers
  • Brinkmann Audio Balance Turntable with 12.1 Tonearm, Pi Cartridge
  • Meridian 818V3 MQA-Enabled DAC
  • Brinkmann Audio Marconi Preamplifier and Edison Tube Hybrid Phono Stage 
  • AudioQuest Niagara 7000 Power-Line Conditioner
  • Harmonic Resolution Systems SXR Isolation Stands and Bases
  • System Cabling by AudioQuest

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