TAS' Robert Harley: Vandersteen/Optimal Enchantment Best in Show at THE Newport 2015!

TAS' Robert Harley knows high-end audio, and knows Vandersteen. Back in the day, he reviewed the original Model 5, and later sung the praises of the original Model Seven in a wonderfully comprehensive and enthusiastic review. Robert swims at the deep end of the high-end audio pool, devoting much of his time and energy as a reviewer to the cutting edge, cost-no-object segment of the hobby. His perspective on the very best of the best is a learned one, as he has so much experience with virtually all of the products that define the current state-of-the-art.

So, when Robert offers praise like "The recent update to Vandersteen’s flagship Model 7 has taken what was already a reference-class loudspeaker to new heights ..." we are rightfully flattered! And all the more so receiving the serious honor of "Best of Show!" 

Read Robert's entire report HERE. Thank you Robert!

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