RMAF 2014: Rocky Mtn. High On The Sound at Audio Alternative!

Show reports often read like the Travel and/or Leisure sections of a magazine or newspaper; entertaining but less filling. That's why Roy Gregory's RMAF 2014 show report for The Audio Beat is such a refreshing exception! Roy is not a guy who checkes off the boxes by peeking his head in and out of a room. He not only knows the gear used by manufacturers and dealers at a show inside and out, he provides extraordinarily substantive insights based on what he heard last year and this year as well as an educated perspective on how they compare. 

Yes, we know this is self serving as we are indeed pleased as punch with Roy's write up of our room at RMAF. But If you read Roy's entire post HERE we think you'll agree it's loaded with this level of knowledge and attention to detail from top to bottom, and that it honors the massive amount of resources the industry and its dealers put into shows like these!

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