Model Seven Mk II & M7-HPA Stereophile Class A Recommended Components!

"Best attainable sound for a component of its kind ... A Class A system is one for which you don't have to make a leap of faith to believe you're hearing the real thing." -Stereophile, October 2016

Stereophile's October 2016 issue saw Vandersteen Audio's flagship Model Seven Mk II and M7-HPA amplifier recognized as Class A Recommended Components! This best-of-the-best pick is on the strength of Editor John Atkinson's over-the-top May 2016 review of the powered speaker system. 

A bass player himself, JA lauded both the extension and transparency of our powered bass, noting that the Vandersteen system made differences between components more audible: "The Vandersteen system was sufficiently transparent in the bass that I could readily hear how the dCS Vivaldi kept the intentionally phat bass-guitar lines better differentiated from the kick drum than did the PS Audio DirectStream DAC, especially when the bassist drops an octave at the start of a phrase."

Hearing that the "high frequencies seamlessly blended with their midrange," JA also noted  "delicious solidity to the sound even when the recording was mono ..."

JA concluded his extraordinary string of accolades by praising the system for "true full-range sound, superb transparency and soundstaging, and a magically palpable way with recorded voices."

Our Treo was also included in Class B, so all current Vandersteen products that have been reviewed by Stereophile are Recommended Components!

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Click HERE to read John Atkinson's full review of our flagship Model Seven Mk II speakers and our liquid-cooled M7-HPA amplifiers.

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