Model Seven Mk II Debut Best in Show CES 2015!

We are very gratified to report that the Model Seven Mk II debuted at CES 2015 and was recognized as Best of Show by Marc Mickelson and Paul Bolin at The Audio Beat! The Seven was a hard speaker for Richard, Nathan and the Vandersteen team to improve on, and we appreciate the warm reception from the press immensely. But this award is especially meaningful to us coming from The Audio Beat because their show reports are so detailed full of persepctive. So many show reports are laundry lists of gear, and some Bloggers seem to be racing from room to room as though a quantity of posts is more meaningful to hi-fi enthusiasts than fewer, more thoughtful ones. Not so with Marc and his guys!

Please make a point to read TAB's entire CES 2015 coverage by clicking HERE.

Read TAB's post on our system HERE.

Best preview quote ever: "The outcome was stunning- not just one of the best systems at CES, but one of the best demo systems we've heard, period."

Wow! And thanks!


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