Landmark Review: The Absolute Sound on the "Uncommon Musicality" of the Treo CT!

The April 2016 issue of The Absolute Sound features the kind of review that only comes along so often, an absolutely wonderful take on our Treo CT from longtime TAS Associate Editor Neil Gader. The Treo CT was stylishly photographed on the cover and the feature opened on another gorgeous two-page spread. The review opening is a stunner in a somewhat existential sense for TAS writers and readers. the Treo CT is essentially hailed as an exemplar of the “the sound of live, unamplified acoustic music performed in a natural setting- traditionally defined in these pages as ‘the absolute sound’ …” The individual attributes are numerous, and perhaps best summed up to Vandersteen listeners as “he gets it!” We’ll simply refer you to the whole review HERE and leave you with Neil’s conclusion: "... you cannot get a more purely musical loudspeaker in this price range than the Treo CT. A true delight."

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