Introducing the Model 2 Trade-In Program!

Introducing the Limited Offer Model 2 Trade-In Program!

Amazingly, over 100,000 pairs of Models 2s are out there in the world, sold since the speaker went into production in 1977. How GREAT would it be if all of you Model 2 owners out there had a clear path to upgrade to Vandersteen's latest and greatest? 

For a limited time- now until December 31st, 2017- participating Vandersteen Audio dealers will offer you up to $500 trade-in value for your Model 2 loudpseakers. Trade-ins are valid toward the Treo and above only.

Contact participating dealers for details. We expect the trade-in offer to make the most sense on Models 2s up through the Model 2CI as they are typically not worth more than $500 on the used market. The Model designation will be visible on the back plate right next to the serial number and are therefore very easy to identify.

Click HERE to locate your nearest Vandersteen dealer today!

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