A Show Report to Remember from Munich 2015

Yes, we are absolutely posting this Blog from Munich High End 2015 for its terrific coverage of our Model Seven Mk II speaker and M7-HPA amplifier. But the entire scope of reportage by Dennis Davis and Roy Gregory is also the best evidence of why we love and support what The Audio Beat is doing. In an audio world full of beige opinions and show reports that too often poorly mimic the travel section of a newspaper, here we find bold opinions and thoughtful discussion of not just the gear plunked down in every room, but the over-arcing trends that define the current state of the hobby. Truly great stuff!

To read about the system we at Vandersteen Audio put together with our friends at Brinkmann Audio, HRS and AudioQuest click HERE.

For TAB's full Munich High End 2015 coverage click HERE. 

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