Customer Reviews KĒNTO Carbon:

Richard Vandersteen's KĒNTO Carbon speakers are wonderful.  They lay out a palpable soundstage, reaching deep and wide.  The music moves!  You feel that you are there.  Dynamic without exaggeration.  Realistic timbres and accurate portrayal of the musicians and voices.  The KĒNTOs capture the musical rhythms in ways that are seductive.  I lived with the Quatros for years and did not expect to hear music on this much higher plane.  

As an aside, if you've ever spent some time comparing upgrades on your hifi system, with the KĒNTOs you will know immediately what the upgrade is doing.  You will hear the new change distinctly from the other components.  It's remarkable!  Very happy with these speakers.

The installation service from Gary at Audiophile Zone was well done, low stress, quite interesting and informative as well.

Vandersteen was intimately involved when needed, and the company was great with follow-up and making sure that I was satisfied with all of it. - Larry G.