Vandersteen Audio started in 1977 with seven original dealers, and we are proud that so many of those dealers or their employees still form the foundation of our business. Since those original seven dealers we have continuously continued a tradition of hand selecting high service dealers.  Our dealers are passionate and want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.  Feel free to contact us is you don't find a dealer in your local area as many of our dealers will gladly create an opportunity for you to experience Vandersteen speakers.  

We are uniquely the only Time- and phase- correct loudspeakers built here in the USA which forms the cornerstone of Vandersteen’s business, and ours is a product line that requires a rare combination of knowledge, commitment and passion from its dealers. But building audio systems requires more than being a Vandersteen expert. Our dealers truly excel at choosing and assembling the cables, electronics, sources and all the accessories required to make great sound. System building requires careful planning and listening, both to the product lines that are available in the marketplace and especially to the customer.

We are confident that our dealers are passionate experts on all things Vandersteen Audio and the best people for enthusiasts of all levels to partner with and build the kind of relationships that result in years and years of musical satisfaction.

-Richard Vandersteen 

Call before visiting to confirm the models you want to audition are on display.

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